About Brett & Leni

We are Brett and Leni, a small team that love to create and make in the south west of Cornwall.

Our backgrounds are various, having worked and traveled around the world, now in beautiful Cornwall.

Leni always has an abundance of ideas. Inspiration could come from a walk on the beach and the abundance of nature around us.

Brett’s approach is quite different, either by sitting at the workbench creating ideas on the spot or sketching various ideas as a starting block.

We can ‘stamp’ messages, names or dates onto many pieces of our jewellery to give a personalised touch and are happy to take commissions, see our page for the various things already made.

We strive to produce unique and beautiful jewellery that is well crafted and affordable.


We only use 925 Sterling silver and as required by law, all our pieces that are over 7.78 grams will be hallmarked – This does not mean just a 925 stamp, but we send away all the relevant pieces to the Birmingham Assay Office for testing and official marking.  Please see here for the official Birmingham assay notice which will gives information on the law regarding precious metals and should be displayed where ever precious metal is sold.   Our sponsors mark is B&L.

Made in Cornwall

Best Quality Sterling Silver

100% Recycled Silver