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If you enjoy wearing silver jewellery, making your own is a great way to experience the process of designing and making your own special piece.

For the seaglass setting workshop, you will learn the process of making a setting for seaglass to use as a pendant, bangle charm or ring.  From measuring the length of silver to use, creating a bezel setting, cutting, soldering, texturing and shaping to the final stage of polishing.  All in all, a great experience  and it will give you an insight into the process I enjoy so much.

If you have your own seaglass (cabachon, ceremic or other finds) you would like to use, please bring it with you, but please note, not all pieces will be usable.

Other things to note
Please ensure you have closed shoes with enclosed toes (a hot bit a silver between the toes makes me cringe), clothes to get dirty, jeans are ideal. Baggy, woolly tops are a hazard.  I have all the H&S gear you need.  Hair is best tied back out the way, it’s very easy to singe hair.

The private session option allows you to book the workshop for up to 6 people, no-one else will be able to book in with you.